Leah Zhang / 张紫璇

Leah Zhang is a multi-media artist and image creator. She received her BA and MAs in the direction of Film Studies at East China Normal University, China and the University of Leeds, England. She received her MFA at Rhode Island School of Design, RI, US in June 2021.

Leah’s work is a research practice around film and media studies. She is simultaneously concerned with the socio-historical implications of media as a means of communication, as well as the relationship between ecology and human media as a technological device for measuring, discovering, and recording nature. Through photography, film, and sound, her work engages socio-history and nature through multi-sensorial, surreal and affective transfigurations.

Leah currently lives and works in Shanghai, China.

张紫璇是一位多媒体艺术家。她以影像和声音作为主要创作媒介。她的创作涉及电影与媒介研究,日常生活中的政治、科幻、工业以及劳动。她的作品通过私人、多感官、超现实和情动的方式介入这些话题。她试图通过一个非男性的视角介入沉重的话题,在观者、媒介、作者以及创作主题之间形成亲密和诗化的关联。 她于2021年取得罗德岛设计学院(RISD)艺术硕士(M.F.A)。

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