Absolute Purity

— Silver pieces recovered from the  16mm films of the movie Liu Qiao Er (1956)
— Silver and combined material, 1 x 1.5 inches, 1.7g

Chemical process 制作过程:

Through recovering all the silver in the emulsion of this film, I transform the film from the 1950s, which is a time-based "illusion", to a solid space-based noble metal that lacks a certain degree of purity. The paradoxical thing is, silver belongs to a very different value system from the value system the film supports.

通过一系列的化学程序,我将革命老电影《刘巧儿》 (1956)胶片中的银提取了出来,最终将感光剂上所有的银烧制成了一块银的混合物,电影这样一种时间性的幻觉被转化成了这样一小块物质。 把回收来的革命老电影提炼出(缺乏纯度的)银,我想要探讨价值体系转换的问题,即银这种贵重金属如何与电影想传达的价值观和意识形态矛盾,却又是支撑这部电影得以存在的媒介本体的东西。

Thank you: The Library of Congress,  sreetips on Youtube

Meetings of the Eyes

— Single Channel Video
— 2:09min

In this video, different characters are all looking at Qiaoer, the female protagonist, but she never appears. This makes it seem like they're just looking at each other.