The Future Semiotics of A.S.M.R. (2020)
single channel video

In The Gulf War Did Not Take Place, Jean Baudrillard argues that in our post-modern media landscape, the relationship between war and its spectator has changed. The same explosions are displayed repeatedly, until the audience get used to them and eventually deconstruct the violence and genuineness. For me, A.S.M.R., which is both sensual (stimulating) and soothing, is a perfect metaphor for the media’s effort to both entertain (stimulate) and heal the audience. This video essay aims at creating a dictionary for the future ASMR experiences we will have through our media: from tingling to trance.
This work is inspired by artist Yuxiang Dong’s work Semiotics of ASMR. However, what is different here is that I do not focus on the present of A.S.M.R.. Instead, I try to imagine the future of A.S.M.R., when the meaning of its symbols doesn't matter anymore, and can be associated with anything.

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